BANGTING®(Hemocoagulase For Injection)

BANGTING®(Hemocoagulase For Injection)
BANGTING®(Hemocoagulase For Injection)
【Ingredients】The main ingredient of this drug is the hemocoagulase, extracted and separated from the freeze-dried snake venom of Agkistrodon halys(pallas).The auxiliary materials are glycine, gelatin and sodium chloride.
【Description]】This drug is white or white-like block or powder. It is odorless; Soluble in water.
[Indication] This drug can be used for various medical conditions that need to reduce bleeding or stop bleeding, such as bleeding and bleeding diseases in surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, stomatology and other clinical departments; It can also be used to prevent bleeding, such as pre-operative medication, to avoid or reduce bleeding at the surgical site and after surgery.
【Specification】1 unit (KU)
【Dosage and administration】 This drug can be used for intravenous injection, intramuscular injection or subcutaneous injection, also can be used locally.
General bleeding: Adult 1~2 KU; Children 0.3~0.5KU.
Emergency bleeding: Intravenous injection of 0.25~0.5KU immediately, and intramuscular injection 1 unit.
Various surgical operations: Intramuscularly inject 1KU the night before the operation, intramuscularly inject 1KU 1 hour before operation, intravenous inject 15 minutes before operation. Three days after the operation, intramuscular injection of 1KU every day.
Haemoptysis: Every 12 hours hypodermic injection 1KU, if necessary, add 1KU intravenous inject at the beginning, the best is to add 10ml 0.9% sodium chloride solution, mixed injection;.
Abnormal bleeding: Double-dose and intramuscularly inject 1KU every 6 hours until the bleeding stops completely.
【Adverse drug reaction】The adverse reactions collected by post marketing adverse reactions monitoring include the following: anaphylactic shock, allergic reactions, shiver, fever, dyspnea, chest tightness, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, palpitation, rash, pruritus, flushing, etc.
In case of allergic reaction, it can be treated as general anti allergic method. Administration of antihistamines or (and) glucocorticoid and symptomatic treatment
1. Forbidden for patients with history of thrombus
2. It is forbidden for those who are allergic to this product or similar drugs.
1. Bleeding caused by damaged arteries and large veins must be treated with timely surgery.  
2. Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and bleeding caused by blood diseases are not the indication of Hemocoagulase For Injection.
3. After dissolution, if turbidity or precipitation occurs, do not used.
4. When there is a lack of platelets or some coagulation factors in the blood (such as prothrombin, etc.), there is no compensatory effect of Hemocoagulase For Injection, which should be applied on the basis of supplementation of platelets or lack of coagulation factors, or infusion of fresh blood.
5. In the case of primary fibrinolytic system hyperfunction (such as endocrine glands, cancer surgery, etc.), Hemocoagulase For Injection should be used in combination with anti-fibrinolytic drugs.
6. Patients' bleeding and coagulation time should be observed during use.
7. Intravenous infusion is recommended.
【Drugs for pregnant women and lactating women]】Pregnant women should not use them unless there is an emergency.
[Children patients] Dosage should be reduced.
【Geriatric】No taboos.
【Drug interaction】Currently, there are no reports of interactions with other drugs, but it is not suitable to mix with other drugs for intravenous injection in order to prevent the drug effect from decreasing.
【Drug overdose】According to the literature, at large doses (50-100ku/time), it has a strong effect of defibrinogen, which can significantly reduce the fibrinogen in the blood, and reduce the blood viscosity and coagulation.
【Pharmacology and toxicology】This drug is a Hemocoagulase which extracted from Agkistrodon blomhoffii ussurensis, It contains batroxobin and thromboplastin, two kinds of enzymes for a similar enzyme action, in the presence of Ca2+, can activate factor Ⅴ, Ⅶ and Ⅷ, and stimulate platelet agglutination; in the presence of platelet factor Ⅲ, thromboplastin can induce prothrombin into thrombin, can also activate factor Ⅴ,  and influence factor X. The results of animal experiments showed that the drugs had a pro-coagulant effect in small dose and had an anticoagulant effect in large dose.
【Pharmacokinetics】The drug can be absorbed by intravenous, muscular, subcutaneous and intraperitoneal administration.Hemostatic effect can be produced 5~30 minutes after administration, lasting for 48~72 hours. The drug can be combined with plasma protein and gradually become an inactive compound. Its metabolites are excreted slowly by the kidney and can only be completely eliminated in 3 to 4 days.
【Storage】 Sealed and stored in a cool, dark place (not more than 20℃ away from light).
【Packaging】 Low borosilicate glass injection bottle. There are 5 pieces in every packet.