AODEJIN®(Deproteinized Calf Blood Serum Injection)

AODEJIN®(Deproteinized Calf Blood Serum Injection)
AODEJIN®(Deproteinized Calf Blood Serum Injection)
【Drug name】
Generic name: Deproteinised Calf Blood Serum Injection
Commodity name: Aodejin
【Ingredients】 This product is extracted and refined from calf serum, containing a variety of free amino acids and peptides.
[Description] This product is a pale yellow clear liquid.
1. The drug improves neurological deficits caused by cerebral blood circulation and nutritional disorders (such as ischemic damage, craniocerebral trauma).  
2. Circulatory disorder of peripheral artery and vein. And its cause arterial disease , leg ulcer.
3. Skin graft; Skin burns, scalds, erosion; wound healing(trauma, bedsore); radiation induced skin and mucous membrane damage
【Specification】 5ml: 0.2g (total solids).
【Dosage and administration】 This drug can be used for intravenous injection, arterial injection and intramuscular injection. It can be added to infusion or intravenous infusion of 200-300ml 5% glucose or 0.9% sodium chloride injection at a rate of about 2ml/min.
1.Intravenous administration:
(1) Ischemic brain injury: 20 ~ 30ml intravenous infusion every time, one time a day for 2 ~ 3 weeks.
(2) Arterial vascular disease: 20 ~ 50ml intravenous infusion every time, one time a day, or 20 ~ 50ml arterial or intravenous injection every time, several times a week,  four weeks for a course of treatment.
(3) Leg or other chronic ulcers and burns: 10ml static injection (or 5ml intramuscular injection) every time, once a day or several times a week, local treatment with this product can be added according to the healing situation.
(4) Prevention and treatment of skin and mucous membrane injury caused by radiation: during radiotherapy, 5 ml intravenous injection per day on average.
2. Urethral administration:
Radiocystitis: 10ml a day, combined with antibiotics, transurethral administration.
【Adverse drug reaction】 The drug allergy is extremely rare occurrence (such as hives, flushing, drug fever, shock, etc.).If allergic reaction occurs, stop drug immediately and give anti- allergic treatment.
【Contraindication】 It is forbidden for those who are allergic to this product or similar drugs.
1. This product should not be mixed with other drugs for injection.
2. This product is the hypertonic solution. Intramuscular injection should be slowly and injection volume not more than 5ml.
3. It is forbidden to use this product in case of sedimentation or turbidity.
[Medication for pregnant and lactating women] This product has no adverse effect on mother and baby, but the potential danger to the baby should be paid attention when using it.
[Medication for children] There is a lack of comparative data on pharmacology, toxicology or pharmacokinetics with adults.
【Geriatric medicine】 There is a lack of clinical research data on the difference between this drug and adults in pharmacology, toxicology or pharmacokinetics due to the decline of various functions in the elderly.
【Drug interaction】 It’s not clear.
【Drug overdose】 It’s not clear.
[Pharmacology and toxicology] This product can promote the uptake and utilization of glucose and oxygen by cells. This product can promote energy metabolism when blood oxygen is low and energy needs to be increased. Increase blood supply.
【Pharmacokinetics】 It’s not clear.
【Storage】 The drug must be kept away from sunlight, sealed preservation.
【Packaging】 Low borosilicate glass ampoule. There are 5 pieces in every packet.
【Term of validity】 24 months