Aid the battle against the epidemic and perform a pharmaceutical company’s responsibility | Avanc Pharma in the spotlight

Release time:2020-02-14 10:53
Avanc Pharma has received extensive coverage on Jinzhou-based newspapers, radios and TVs recently, prominently featured under titles like “The Party flag flies| Avanc Pharma is going all out to aid the battle against the epidemic and perform a pharmaceutical company’s responsibility”, and “Avanc Pharma is serious about CSR”, in recognition of its contribution to the battle against the coronavirus and its internal epidemic prevention and control actions.  

An abstract of the articles is given below:
Aid the battle against the epidemic and perform a pharmaceutical company’s responsibility. Avanc Pharma has paid attention to and followed the news closely since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and pneumonia. Under the leadership of the higher-level CPC Committee, the Company’s Party branch has put in place a scientific and well-thought-out prevention and control system and adopted a combination of measures against the virus. Meanwhile, in response to the call of the higher-level CPC Committee, it has brought into full play its privilege in the industry, contributed labor, wisdom and supplies, honored its CSR, given help to first-line medical workers and patients and done its part in the city’s epidemic prevention and control effort, while doing well in internal virus curbs and assuring safety and stability of production and business. 

Mao Guihua, Executive Vice President and Secretary of the Party branch, Avanc Pharma: [Avanc Pharma responded to the call of the government for the battle against coronavirus swiftly. First of all, we donated our stock of 400 suites of protective clothing and 2000 pairs of medical gloves entirely to the Municipal Health Commission of Jinzhou. Second, seeing an acute shortage of medical supplies, Fosun launched a global medical supply sourcing program immediately. With the support and help of Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group), 1000 suites of protective clothing were delivered to Jinzhou through Fosun Foundation in two batches, including some protective clothing of the highest grade. On February 5, a shipment of high-grade protective clothing we purchased in Japan arrived in Jinzhou and was donated. Upon the arrival of a shipment every time, we handed it over to the epidemic prevention and control authority immediately, so that the supplies may be put into use as early as possible. ]
Avanc Pharma is a large company with a big headcount. To protect the staff’s safety and health, and keep the business running soundly, the Company has formed a leadership group for epidemic prevention and control and taken comprehensive countermeasures against the virus, from entry screening, medical aid, procurement and aid, information management, emergency response, and implementation of virus curbs at subsidiaries, to make sure every detail is properly handled. 

Nie Li, Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer, Avanc Pharma, and General Manager, Production Management Center: [Once the government unveiled the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, both Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) and Avanc Pharma took it seriously. The Group’s EHS management business line organized actions against the coronavirus immediately and requested each member, Avanc Pharma included, to work out general arrangements and requirements. As Avanc Pharma is a pharmaceutical manufacturer, our focus is on production site infection prevention and control by taking key measures such as requiring every staff member to wear a mask and gloves and providing every staff member with KN95 masks. The staff has their body temperature taken at the gate and on the shuttle buses, and the shuttle buses are disinfected every day. Any person showing abnormal body temperature will be denied access to the factory. The senior management in charge should be present to supervise the work in person. The offices, clean workshops, canteens and public space should be disinfected fully on a daily basis. To avoid gathering, the staff is required to dine in batches in order, clock in and out in an app and work remotely. ]

Currently, all epidemic prevention and control measures have been effectively implemented, virus curbs and operations are going on soundly side by side and the staff feels safe. 
Sun Dongmei, worker at Production Management Center: [The Company has provided facial masks to every staff member and furnished all offices with disinfectants and other supplies; the staff has their body temperature taken on the shuttle buses and at the gate every day. Both the workshops and offices are disinfected several times a day, and some key areas on an hourly basis. The Company has handed out an epidemic prevention and control handbook and produced videos to spread knowledge on this topic. The departments have also made internal re-adaptations and fine-tunings amid the epidemic situation, and increased the frequency of self-disinfection, self-cleaning and disinfection and minimized face-to-face contacts.]