Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Secretary Chen Qiufa visits Avanc Pharma, encouraging it to grow bigger and stronger

Release time:2020-03-05 11:01
On March 2, Chen Qiufa, Secretary of the Provincial CPC Committee, Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress and head of the Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Liaoning, arrived in Jinzhou for a survey on epidemic prevention and control, resumption of production and work and safe production, among other activities, with a view to deeply put into action the instructions given by President Xi Jinping in his important address to the meeting on coordinated work to proceed with COVID-19 prevention and control and drive economic and social development.

In the morning, Chen Qiufa visited Avanc Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Avanc Pharma or the Company), to find out how epidemic prevention and control is being handled and how production is going. He encouraged the Company to further expand its production capacity, lose no time to grow bigger and stronger and sharpen its competitive edge. As a backbone of the pharmaceutical industry of Liaoning province, Avanc Pharma became part of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd in 2011 and has since then focused on R&D, innovation and industrial upgrade, with its R&D pipelines covering nervous system, oncology, perioperative and pediatric drugs, and established a first-class pharmaceutical base in the country. Upon the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Avanc Pharma has been, on one hand, sourcing anti-epidemic supplies and performing its corporate social responsibilities actively, and on the other hand seeking to resume production steadily, in order to keep drug supply uninterrupted and meet patients’ needs. In response to the government’s call, the Company was among the first to resume operation on February 3. With all epidemic prevention and control measures in place, all production lines at the Company have restarted and are running soundly according to the production schedule.

During his tour, Chen Qiufa chaired a panel discussion and was briefed on and praised the work done in Jinzhou. Epidemic prevention and control is a compulsory task and economic and social development is of overriding importance, he pointed out. Jinzhou should abide by the important speeches, guidelines and instructions given by President Xi Jinping, combine these two organically and be united in thoughts and actions, so as to make sure all policies and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee are implemented and brought into effect in Liaoning. We must put forth an effort into epidemic prevention and control, handle imported cases properly, cut off the sources of transmission, and defend all entries into Beijing. The yearly targets and tasks must be fulfilled as much as possible. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, low-risk areas should help businesses resume activity, restore the order of production and life, revitalize stock assets and maximize increments, and try the best to achieve half of the annual targets by the end of the first half and the annual targets of economic and social development by the end of the year. Top officials of cities and counties should honor their responsibilities, help clear businesses’ difficulties and problems, have a stronger sense of service, apply higher standards, more concrete measures and stricter requirements to keep industrial chains intact, maintain scale of the industries, and improve quality and efficiency, and make up for the time lost and counteract the negative effect of the epidemic situation. Corporate entities should be held accountable and lessons must be learned from the past to curb major or devastating accidents. The Party’s leadership and teambuilding must be strengthened. Party organizations and members at all levels must play an active role in driving economic and social development. Impotent or slack first-line party groups must be reshuffled or dismissed resolutely and immediately. Officials should be assessed in interim and final tests and assigned tasks accordingly. First-line officials and medical workers deserve good care. The promised policies and benefits for first-line medical workers heading to support Wuhan must be materialized. A good development environment should be created by proper propaganda and orientation. The People’s Congress and CPPCC at all levels should tighten legal supervision and democratic supervision, make joint efforts with all stakeholders and push ahead with epidemic prevention and control, as well as economic and social development. 
Zhang Fuhai and Lu Zhiyuan from the provincial leadership group were also on the tour.